In Smaller States the Amount of Money paid for each Vote is Ridiculous….

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In key smaller state elections, Democrats paid approx. 30% more for each vote they received. However, it is clear that both parties paid way too much for each vote. We all know that a lot of money was thrown around this election. However, when you break it down by the number of votes received you see how much the super-rich in other states are meddling in smaller states elections. 


Love her or Hate her, Maxine won her Election without really any effort….

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Maxine is one of the biggest polarizing politicians out there. If you are on the right, you definitely cannot stand listening to her yell “Impeach 45”. If you are on the left, you probably enjoy her as she irritates the right so much. However, if you are living in her District then you love her. Maxine won by more than 50% and spent next to nothing doing it.


Two years and $2 billion dollars and what do we have to show for it….

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Over the last 2 years, campaigns have spent more than $2 billion dollars and what do we have to show for it. The Democrats won back the House and the Republicans strengthened their position in the Senate. This basically ensures that nothing will be accomplished in the next 2 years, except for a lot of grandstanding and of course more fund raising.


In the end it is just all about tearing down the other guy….

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In the last couple of weeks, campaigns have spent $475 million in a last ditch effort to win your vote. However they are not trying to convince you why their candidate is the best, they are trying to tear down the opponent. Out of the $475 million spent, 75% was used to attack opponents. In other words, campaigns have spent 3 times more money attacking the other side. Our candidate is not really that good, but theirs is so much worse.

With the House potentially flipping, both sides are distributing money for a last round fight….

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The House Majority PAC has raised almost $10 million. Its goal is obvious. They want the Democrats to win back the House. The House Victory Project also raised $3.3 million. They have the same goal as the House Majority PAC. On the other side is the Protect the House PAC. However, it has only raised $2.7 million over the last month and change. Trump has not raised a lot of money recently, but he is definitely sharing the wealth.

Trump continues to raise a lot of money despite not on being on the ballot this year….

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As everyone knows, this is not a Presidential Election year. However, that has not stopped President Trump from raising a lot of money. Since the beginning of 2017, Trump has raised $113 million. A good amount coming from the Trump Make America Great Again Committee to the Donald J Trump for President PAC. However, we focused on which states had the most “grass roots” donations.