With already more than 63,000 PACs/Committees coming up with new names is increasingly difficult….

cut the bull, elizabeth warren, Pocahontas, fec, pac

With the 2020 elections just a short 2 years away, it is time to start new PACs. However with most of the good names already taken, PAC founders need to get more and more creative. Here are some of the recent PACs formed and what they want to accomplish when we could figure that out.


Angry Nasty Democrats – Could not find any information, but this one is self-explanatory. I am going to bet they are against Trump


Cut the Bull PAC – This PAC is connected to the Republican Congresswomen Carol Miller of West Virginia. I assume they want to remove the bull, but were not more specific


Fight Antisemitism PAC – This is also self-explanatory and very sad that we need a PAC to fight antisemitism.


Michigan For Elizabeth Warren – Looks like someone in Michigan wants Elizabeth Warren to run for President


Light Money PAC – No idea what this PAC supports.


Nurture the Nature – We assume this PAC supports the environment, but could not find any information.


This shouldn’t Be This Easy PAC – This PAC looks to be having some fun with the FEC. Some of the titles/position are ArchEmpress, Chancellor of Bread, Imperial Counslor and the Minister of the Many. However they are right. It is very easy to start a PAC.


Stop F45cism – Their goal is to raise awareness of the scary parallels to historical events and protest tyranny. Basically they hate Trump. I think they need to brush up on their history.


Raw Hope for Humanity Rising – Definitely against Trump and clearly half a bubble off plumb.


The God Party – This looks to be another gag PAC. However, if they do have God on their side they will be a formidable competitor in 2020.


Simple PAC – No idea what this PAC supports.


I am sure that there will be plenty more PAC coming down the pike. I just wish the FEC would require them to give a brief description of their goals. Because it is really difficult to tell from a name like “Simple PAC”.