Apple and Facebook are almost as liberal as Google….

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We continue our search to find a company more liberal than Google. If you remember, 96% of Google employee’s political donations went to Democratic candidates. We have come very close with Apple and Facebook. Since 2015, 94% of Apple employee donations went to the Democrats. Apple employees donated $6.1 million to Democrats and only $429 thousand to Republicans. Also since 2015, Facebook employees donated $4.1 million to Democratic candidates and only $231 thousand to Republicans. That works out to 95% of donations going to Democrats. Close but Google is still the winner. 


Apple employees’ favorites are of course Hillary. They gave her $1.8 million. Apple employees also gave $461 thousand to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), $158 thousand to Bernie Sanders, $69 thousand to Chuck Schumer and $63 thousand to Beto in Texas. On the Republican side, they gave $131 thousand to Paul Ryan, $77 thousand to Dominic Rapini in Connecticut, $57 thousand to Rob Portman in Ohio and $32 thousand to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).


Facebook employees also gave to the usual suspects. They first funneled $1 million to Democratic candidates through ActBlue. They then gave $1 million to Hillary, $155 thousand to Women Vote!, $132 thousand to the DNC and $63 thousand to Beto in Texas. On the other side, Facebook employees gave $31 thousand to the NRCC, $30 thousand to Paul Ryan and $16 thousand to Marco Rubio.  


Facebook employees only donated $5,000 to Donald Trump and Apple employees only gave $11 thousand to Trump.