The Aptly Named Senator Flake is still Spending Campaign Funds….

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Last October, Senator Jeff Flake announced that he will not seek reelection. If he is not trying to get reelected, then why is he still spending campaign funds? Yes, since the beginning of 2018 Flake has spent $141 thousand worth of donations. Flake announced his retirement late last October so we put in a buffer of two months so that pre-announcement expenses could be reported.  We are only looking at expenses from January 2018.


Some of these expenses are questionable when a candidate is running and just plain obnoxious when he is retiring. In May of this year, Flake spent $1,065 for tickets at the Washington Nationals Park.  He spent a total of $1,377 on food and listed the recipient as the US Senate. I did not know the US Senate sold food? He also spent $2,400 on catering in May. This year he has spent almost $5,000 on Hotels. If he is not campaigning they why does he need to use donations to buy baseball tickets and rent Hotel rooms.


Just a couple of months ago, Flake spent $5,400 on legal fees. Why does his campaign need legal advice? Also since January, Flake paid CMDI $5,560. CDMI provides innovative fundraising and compliance solutions. If you are retiring then you do not need help raising money. On top of everything else, Flake spent $3,180 on airfare in June. In Economy class there are a lot of places you can go for less than $3,000. Of course we do not think Flake was flying Economy.


As of June 30th 2018, Flake’s campaign still had $1.2 million in cash. So if you donated money to him, go ask for a refund as many people already have done. If you do not he may just use it for a couple of Redskins tickets this fall or just give it to his favorite PAC or campaign.