Beto O’Rouke has raised a lot of money, but is he violating FEC rules in not disclosing how he is spending it...

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Beto has raised record amounts of money in his attempt to beat Ted Cruz. However, he has not reported how he is spending the money since the end of June. That is almost 4 month without an expense report filed with the FEC. He is clearly not filing monthly reports and if he is reporting quarterly then the expenses would have come through earlier this month. The FEC required that quarterly filers have a report due Monday, October 15. That was 10 days ago.


As we get closer to the Election, the FEC requires that any expenditure over $1,000 from October 18 to November 4 must be filed within 24 hours. As we mentioned above Beto has not reported any expenses since June. We are a week into the last-minute filing period. This means that Beto has either not spent more than a $1,000 in the last week or he is in violation of FEC rules. Given that he has not filed any expenses since June, I am going with the latter.


We have shown multiple times that a lot of campaign expenses are dodgy at best and in some cases clear FEC violations. These are the expenses that are actually reported. What is Beto paying for that he does not want to disclose? We hate to speculate, but that is why the FEC requires disclosure. If everything is properly disclosed then there is no room for speculation.