Campaigns have spent more than $270 million since the end of June. That is $3.4 million a day or $141K every hour....

Campaigns have spent more than $270 million since the end of June. That is $3.4 million a day or $141K every hour....

Since the end of June, the Democrats have spent more than $149 million on campaigns in the hope that they win in November. Do not worry, the Republicans are not far behind. Republicans have spent approx. $121 million over the same time frame in the hope that they hold power.  That is a combined $270 million spent in less than 3 months. That is $3.4 million a day or $141 thousand every hour or 39 dollars a second. In the time it took you to read this paragraph, campaigns spent $500. That is a waste!!


$20 million of the total $270 million went to Salaries. If we extrapolate out to a full year. Campaigns are paying close to a $100 million a year. Not only do we pay for politician’s salaries through our taxes, but on top of that donations pay all the campaign salaries. I bet you did not know that a candidate can receive a salary from donations while he or she is running for office.


Media is of course a huge spend. From July, campaigns have spent $40 million on ads trying to convince you of one thing or another.  Printing, Postage and Direct Mail came in at just below $9 million.  Another $2 million was spent on worthless polls (Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics).


On the Democratic side, Claire McCaskill in Missouri spent $6.6 million in the last couple of months. Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona spent $4.3 million, Danny O’Connor in Ohio spent $3.8 million, Debbie Stabenow in Michigan spent $3.6 million and Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin spent $1.9 million since end of June.


On the Republican side,  Rick Scott in Florida is really throwing the money around. He has spent $10 million. President Trump is not messing around either. His Make America Great Again spent $4.4 million. Martha McSally in Arizona did not outspend Kyrsten Sinema, but she did spend $3.5 million. The Republican National Committee (RNC) is also clearly sharing the wealth. The RNC spent $28 million, most of it in transfers to other Republican PACs and candidates.


 Our aggregate numbers are based on more than 2,000 different campaigns and PACs.