Can you get more one-sided than Google…..

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As you may have heard, it was recently leaked that Google employees discussed suppressing conservative news sites after the 2016 Election. We do not know if they actual did suppress conservative views, but what we do know is that the majority of Google employees are Democrat. If there are Republicans at Google, most are clearly hiding that fact.

Since 2015, Google employees donated almost $13 million to Democratic candidates, while only donating $500 thousand to Republicans. That means that 96% of Google employee donations went to Democrats. What is more telling is the actual number of donations. The % of actual donations to Republicans falls to 0.5%. 100 thousand donations went to Democrats, while only 538 donations went to Republicans. However we also must consider that if an employee at Google wanted to give to a Republican, there is a good chance that they would leave the employer section blank.

So who do Google employees like? Well it should come as no surprise that they really liked Hillary. Google employees gave her $2.4 million for her failed attempt to become President. They also liked Bernie as well and gave him $412 thousand. More recently they gave $170 thousand to Beto in Texas, $120 thousand to Doug Jones in Alabama and $103 thousand to Jacky Rosen in Nevada.

On the Republican side the amount are a lot smaller. Google employees gave $93 thousand to the National Republican Senate Committee, $27 thousand to Donald Trump and only $13 thousand to Greg Walden in Oregon. Clearly they lean to the left, let’s hope their search engine does not also lean that way….