Chuck Schumer spent $3.8 million on website consulting. He did not get his money's worth....

Chuck Schumer spent $3.8 million on website consulting. He did not get his money's worth....

Why did Chuck Schumer need to spend $3.8 million on “Website Consulting”. We spent some time on his website and it is not anything special. Since 2009, Chuck has spent $3.8 million on “Website Consulting” with the bulk ($2.8 million) expensed in 2016. However before 2016, Chuck had already spent $441 thousand on “Website Consulting” How much does “Web Consulting” really cost? Back in 2009 Schumer used Blackrock Associates for his consulting, however since then he has exclusively used Trilogy Interactive. We went to Trilogy Interactive’s web page and it is the worst. It is literally one page.

Why would someone hire a web consultant who cannot design a proper website. Here is a general list of website consultant services. 1. Plan a website strategy 2. Create website-specific user personas 3. Gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative website data. These are all useful services, but why would it cost $2.8 million in just one year. From 2009 to 2015, Schumer on average spent $60 thousand a year on website consulting. In 2017, he spent $400 thousand and in 2018 he has already spent $148 thousand. For that kind of money he should have the greatest website in the world.

Schumer is not alone in giving money to Trilogy Interactive. Patty Murray (Senator from Washington) has given Trilogy Interactive $1.5 million for “Internet Consulting”. Her website is even worse than Schumer’s. Elizabeth Warren paid Trilogy $1.4 million, also for “Internet Consulting”. Cory Booker paid $748 thousand and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee paid $859 thousand to Trilogy Interactive.

It appears that Trilogy Interactive only services Democrats. Is web consulting partisan? Are they afraid that a Republican consultant will not understand the internet?