Cory "Spartacus" Booker - We Need your Help with Transparency, why did Democrats pay one law firm $54 million….

Cory "Spartacus" Booker - We Need your Help with Transparency, why did Democrats pay Perkins Coie $54 million….

Spartacus over the last 5 years, Democrats paid Perkins Coie, a law firm based in Seattle, $54 million. I had the privilege to listen to your “I am Spartacus” movement live. I agree with you, we need a lot more transparency in Washington. So please explain to us why the Democrats are giving so much money to one law firm. Spartacus, you personally spent $424 thousand on “legal services” at Perkins Coie.


We saw that you were involved in a lawsuit with the NJ Water Agency back in 2013. However, I do not think you can use campaign funds for a personal lawsuit. So what is Perkins Coie doing for you and the other Democrats that costs that much money? Please Spartacus the American people need to know.


The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Democratic Senatorial and Congressional Committees combined for $18 million in fees paid to Perkins Coie.  That is more than 52 thousand hours billed at $350 an hour. It is 5 lawyers working 10 hours a day every business day for the last 5 years. Do they really have that many legal issues?


Just recently the DNC paid Perkins Coie $601 thousand. Over the last 5 years, former President Obama paid Perkins Coie $2.2 million. Hillary paid them $6 million, but we all know about her legal issues. Overall 484 candidates or PACs have paid something to Perkins Coie.


Others who like to use Perkins Coie are Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey. He gave $740 thousand to them. Spartacus, aren’t there are good locally-based law firms in New Jersey? Elizabeth Warren and Steny Hoyer both paid approx. $326 thousand to Perkins Coie.   


Spartacus, do not get us wrong. We are sure the Republicans waste just as much money on “legal services”. However, given that you are now our Transparency Champion it should be easy for you to convince your Democratic colleagues to let the American people know why campaign funds are being waste on so much "legal advice".