Emily’s List – The pay is pretty good, but the perks are through the roof….

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Emily’s List is a PAC with the mission to elect pro-choice Democratic women to office. We looked into Emily’s List because they consistently pop onto our spending reports. It appears that if you work at Emily’s List, you basically can expense anything. We also looked into their salaries and found that most people at Emily’s List do not make a lot of money.  Approx. 70% of Emily’s List employees make below $60 thousand a year and almost half of them make less than $40 thousand a year. They make up for the low salaries by expensing a lot of food.


Over the last 4 years, Emily’s List has spent almost $4 million on Travel/Accommodations/Meals.  They do travel a lot at Emily’s List. The spent $262 thousand at Hotels.com, $123 thousand at Expedia Travels US and $95 thousand on AMTRAK. How do you spent $95K on AMTRAK? They spent almost $900 thousand on various Airlines. American Airlines is their favorite. They also spent $356 thousand on various car rental services and UBER / LYFT. That works out to $243 a day every day for the last 4 years.    


Now the travel seems excessive but can probably be explained. However, here is where the perks get crazy. Emily’s List spent $11 thousand at Starbucks. A tall café latte cost $2.95. That works out to 4 café lattes every working day for 4 years. They spent another $11 thousand at Panera Bread. That is a lot of pastries. They also spent $3.6 thousand at Pret A Manger. Pret A Manger sells organic food that most people do not like. Other strange expenses are $3 thousand at Shell Oil, $3.4 thousand at Corner Bakery, $5 thousand at Whole Foods Market, $2.5 thousand at Dunkin Donuts, $2.5 thousand at Au Bon Pain and $3.8 thousand at GrubHub.


So next time you go to donate to Emily’s List, remember you are probably just buying someone’s breakfast or lunch….