In the end it is just all about tearing down the other guy….

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In the last couple of weeks, campaigns have spent $475 million in a last ditch effort to win your vote. However they are not trying to convince you why their candidate is the best, they are trying to tear down the opponent. Out of the $475 million spent, 75% was used to attack opponents. In other words, campaigns have spent 3 times more money attacking the other side. Our candidate is not really that good, but theirs is so much worse.


Before you start pointing fingers at those horrible Democrats/Republicans, they are both equally guilty. The Democrats have spent $169 million in attack ads and the Republicans are right behind them spending $160 million. However, the Democrats have spent more money in supporting their candidates. They have spent $77 million, compared to $27 million for the Republicans.


Only 4% of the money spent by the Senate Majority PAC (Democrat) was to support their candidates. The House Majority PAC also Democratic only spent 3% on positive ads. The Democratic Senatorial Congressional Campaign spent no money supporting their candidates. All money spent in the last couple of weeks was for opposition ads. The National Republican Congressional Committee only used 3% of its spend in supporting candidates. The New Republican PAC spent nothing supporting Republicans. There are really only two major Committee/PACs that spent some money on supportive ads. Both the Senate Leadership Fund (Republican) and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spent about 16% on positive ads.


So who is not throwing mud? The Black Progressive Action Coalition spent close to $6 million recently and ran no opposition ads. The Black PAC also has only run supportive ads. Political Action and Michigan Republican Party have run some opposition ads but 99% of their ads have been positive. Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC has gone negative, but 77% of their ads have been to support candidates.