Forget about 30 years ago, Politicians are Drinking way too much right now and Donors are paying for it....

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Now there has recently been a lot of hypocrisy around Judge Kavanaugh’s high school and college drinking. So we looked into how much campaigns have spent on alcohol in the last 8 years. We found that since 2011, political candidates have spent almost $2.5 million of donations on alcohol. We know that this number is low as we only screened for establishments with Bar, Pub, Wine, Beer etc… in their name. Obviously you do not need “Bar” in your restaurant’s name to serve alcohol. However the $2.5 million is our best estimate.


As we always like to do, let’s put the numbers into perspective. Obviously the total number of drinks is dependent on cost, but we will assume that $2.5 million equates to 883 drinks every day for almost 8 years. If our politicians only drink 3 times a week on the donor’s dime, that is 2,649 drinks a day or 5 drinks for everyone in the Senate and House. 5 drinks on pretty much any BAC scale means you are drunk. There are 126 women in Congress and 5 drinks in one sitting will really get them drunk. For some it could be potentially life threatening. Remember this is also 3 times a week every week for the last 8 years.


Let’s say that instead of drinking every weekend plus Thursday, they throw a party just twice a month and each person consumes 8 drinks. That means that 1,650 people are getting really smashed twice a month at the expense of donors.  8 drinks, depending on your weight, can result in a blood alcohol percentage of approx.. 0.2%. That is really drunk. We of course are not taking into consideration their alcohol consumption paid out of their own pocket.


There is nothing wrong with drinking it is legal. However, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Kavanough is being criticized for overdrinking some 30 years ago, while clearly there are politicians consuming way too much alcohol right now. As for lying about the amount he drank, show me one married man who claims he has never underestimated the number of drinks he consumed and I will show you the true liar.