Here are the Real Winners in the Election and they were not candidates…..

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It has almost been a week since the election and a lot of things are still not decided. However, we wanted to highlight some of the clear winners. These are the companies that have made out like bandits.


Waterfront Strategies – Waterfront Strategies was paid $268 million dollars over the last 2 years to help the Democrats and attack the Republicans. Waterfront was paid $9 million to help Bill Nelson in Florida and $6.5 million to help Joe Manchin’s campaign in West Virginia. They were also paid $125 million in total to attack Rick Scott in Florida ($25mn), Joshua Hawley ($28mn) in Missouri, Mike Braun ($19mn) in Indiana, Martha McSally ($16mn) in Arizona and Dean Heller ($21mn) in Nevada.


 Nebo Media – Nebo Media was paid almost $200 million to attack the Democrats. Out of that $200 million, Nebo Media was paid $50 million to attack these specific candidates. Gil Cisneros ($10mn) in California, Joe Radinovich ($7.7mn) in Minnesota, Katie Hill ($7.6mn) in California, Josh Harder ($6.9mn) in California, Harley Rouda ($6.6mn) in California, Katie Porter ($6.6mn) in California and Kim Schrier ($6.6mn) in Washington were all at the top of Nebo’s list.    


Main Street Media Group – Main Street Media was only paid $129 million, but it was really concentrated in just a couple of candidates. Most of what Main Street Media was paid was to attack the following Democrats, Claire McCaskill ($26mn) in Missouri, Joseph Donnelly ($18mn) in Indiana, Philip Bredesen ($16mn) in Tennessee and Jacky Rosen ($23mn) in Nevada.


Aside for the top three media firms, more than billion dollars was paid to other various media firms. So while some candidates were happy and some were sad, the media companies are laughing all the way to the bank….