With the House potentially flipping, both sides are distributing money for a last round fight….

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The House Majority PAC has raised almost $10 million. Its goal is obvious. They want the Democrats to win back the House. The House Victory Project also raised $3.3 million. They have the same goal as the House Majority PAC. On the other side is the Protect the House PAC. However, it has only raised $2.7 million over the last month and change. Trump has not raised a lot of money recently, but he is definitely sharing the wealth.


President Trump’s two PACs have distributed a combined $12.4 million. Trump moved $5 million to the Donald J. Trump for President PAC and then gave the Republican National Committee (RNC) $7 million. The House Victory Project (Democrat) has shared $4.8 million battling the Protect the House PAC (Republican). Protect the House has shared $4.4 million.  


The House Victory Project gave $4.8 million to 65 different candidates. At the top of the list, Joe Radinovich in Minnesota received $314K, Kim Schrier in Washington received $314K and Betsy Londrigan in Illinois received $314K. At the bottom of the list, Ann Kirkpatrick in Arizona only received $12,395, Susie Lee in Nevada only received $12,395 and Mikie Sherrill in New Jersey only received $15,000. I would be upset if I was at the bottom of this list.


The House Majority PAC gave $450 thousand to Planned Parenthood Votes, $311 thousand to VoteVets, $225 thousand to Women Vote! and $200 thousand to For Our Future.


Protect the House gave $1.6 million to the National Republican Campaign Committee. Kevin McCarthy in California received $167 thousand. However, the Protect the House strategy is to give to the state parties. Minnesota, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Kansas all received money from Protect the House. Protect the House also spent $154 thousand at the Trump International Hotel. Nice to know they are also having fun….