How did traveling to Michigan, Louisiana and Missouri help Ocasio-Cortez win an election in the Bronx/Queens….

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We all know that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the 14th district in New York, so why did she spend so much time and money outside of the Bronx/Queens. Now according to the Federal Election Committee, “Campaign funds may be used to pay the costs of travel to an activity that is related to the campaign". So if funds can only be used for activities related to the campaign, why did she expense her stay at a hotel in Wichita, Kansas. Yes, Cortez spent $614 in Kansas. How did that help her campaign?

Alexandria also spent $2,310 on hotels up in Boston. To her credit she did not stay in the nicest hotel, but again how does going to Boston help her win an election in New York? She spent another $1,844 staying at the Ace Hotel in California and $534 at a hotel in Michigan. She also expensed hotel costs in Missouri, Louisiana and Washington DC. We will give her DC, but what was she doing in New Orleans that was related to her campaign.

How did she get to all these places? Well of course she flew and expensed the travel. She spent almost $18 thousand on air travel spread across American, Delta and United Airlines. Her district is not that big, it is basically made up of parts of the Bronx and Queens and so there is no need to fly for the campaign.

Now Alexandria’s shoes have become famous as she supposedly “knocked doors until rainwater came through my soles.” However, she also spent almost $14 thousand on Uber, LYFT and JUNO USA rides. So exactly how much walking did she really do? Maybe everyone in the Bronx has really long walkways from the street to their front doors....