Just over 30 days before Mormons decide if Medical Marijuana is ok......

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Will medical marijuana make it into Mormon Country? Not if a couple of old men get their way.  314 people have donated to Utah Patients Coalition (pro-medical marijuana) and only 18 people have donated to Drug Safe Utah (anti-medical marijuana). Now in most elections you have major donors like the Koch Brothers on one side and Soros on the other. However, usually the total number of donors is similar on both sides. Smaller donors just give less, but the number of donors is relatively the same. However, in Utah the fight against medical marijuana is driven by only 18 donors.


Of those 18 donors against medical (not recreational) marijuana, 5 including Walter Plumb and the late Utah Jazz owner’s family foundation have donated $100 thousand each. So basically you have 5 people trying to dictate how doctors can treat their patients in Utah. The funny thing is I am sure that these same people were furious when Obama proclaimed 1.4 million acres of Bears Ears as a national park. “How can Washington tell us how to use our land”, I am sure they screamed. Well why are you trying to block something that the majority of people in Utah agree would help patients.  


The Mormon Church has come out against medical marijuana in Utah and through their lawyers and ads have run a pretty good smear campaign. Vote for medical marijuana and your kid will be eating pot brownies as sure as the sun rises. The problem is that most people living in Utah are not active Mormons. According to the most recent consensus only 42% of Utahns were active Mormons. That means that only about 8% of the global LDS membership lives in Utah. So basically mind your business and worry about global church issues and leave state issues to the voters.


However, in the end it really will not matter and I am sure that it kills Mr. Plumb. To the west of Utah is Nevada and to the east is Colorado. Both are recreational marijuana states. If medical marijuana does not pass in Utah, it just means that patients have to travel a little farther to get what they need…..