Love her or Hate her, Maxine won her Election without really any effort….

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Maxine is one of the biggest polarizing politicians out there. If you are on the right, you definitely cannot stand listening to her yell “Impeach 45”. If you are on the left, you probably enjoy her as she irritates the right so much. However, if you are living in her District then you love her. Maxine won by more than 50% and spent next to nothing doing it.


The Stars and Stripes Forever PAC ran an attack campaign hoping that her opponent, Omar Navarro, would win. They spent $1.2 million in billboards and direct mail. That works out to approx. $36 dollars for every vote Omar received.  On the other side, $10,000 was spent in support of Maxine. That works out to 10 cents for every vote she received. Without a doubt she ran one of the cheapest campaign this year.


Now we applaud her effectiveness, but are confused by her District’s loyalty. Maxine does not live in the District she represents, which is one of the poorest in California. According to multiple reports, she lives in a multi-million dollar home. While she claims to be a champion of the poor all we have heard from her is Trump hatred. How does that improve the life’s of people living in the 43rd District?


What is also more confusing is that some of the money spent to support Maxine came from the Elbert Guillory’s America PAC. Elbert Guillory became a Republican in 2013 because he felt that quote, “the Democratic Party has created the illusion that their agenda and their policies are what is best for black people”. The Elbert Guillory’s America PAC also sent out Direct Mail opposing Maxine. So we are not sure what is going on. 


Which is better? Wasting billions of dollars on a campaign or spending nothing and taking you constituents for granted....