National Rifle Association – Do they like / dislike the same candidates are you….

nra, planned parenthood, Joshua Hawley, Theodore Budd, Pete Stauber, John Culberson, Martha McSally, Marsha Blackburn, Mike Braun, Claudia Tenney

In the last month, both the NRA and Planned Parenthood have spent $3 million to help and oppose various candidates. Odds are you do not like one of these PACs, but do they like your candidate? Look for our other article detailing who Planned Parenthood likes and does not like.


NRA Likes – The NRA spent a lot more money opposing candidates. However, they do have some favorites. The NRA spent $228 thousand for Joshua Hawley in Missouri, $191 thousand for Theodore Budd in North Carolina, $179 thousand for Pete Stauber in Minnesota and John Culberson in Texas. Other candidates who received help from the NRA are Martha McSally in Arizona, Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee, Mike Braun in Indiana and Claudia Tenney in New York.    


NRA Dislikes – The NRA really does not like Joe Donnelly in Indiana. They spent $1 million on ads opposing him. The NRA is also not a fan of Claire McCaskill in Missouri. They spent $223 thousand opposing her. The NRA also spent $115 thousand opposing Jon Tester in Montana, $92 thousand opposing Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona and $85 thousand opposing Phil Bredesen in New Jersey. Other candidates the NRA does not like are Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin, Paul Davis in Kansas, Cindy Axne in Iowa and Beto O’Rourke in Texas.