Not Surprisingly the Cherokee Nation has never donated to Elizabeth Warren….

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We went through the FEC database to see if the Cherokee Nation has ever given money to Elizabeth Warren. They have not and it does not make sense. If a high profile politician like Elizabeth Warren was truly Cherokee then the Cherokee Nation would most likely support her.  The fact that the Cherokee Nation recently blasted her DNA claims as “inappropriate and wrong”, may be why they are not running to the bank to give her money.


However, the fact still remains that this is one of the stupidest debates ever. Warren’s claims to be Cherokee should have been limited to fun conversations at parties and the Republicans beating her up should just let it die. It really does not matter if she is 50% or 0.5% Cherokee, where she stands on the issues should be the only thing debated.


Of course, we are also riding this news cycle wave so we cannot judge too much. People in glass houses….   


So where does the Cherokee Nation donate its money? Over the years, they have given $12,500 to Steve Womack in Arkansas, $7,500 to Roger Wicker in Mississippi and $4,400 to Stephanie Herseth in South Dakota. They have also given money to 22 other candidates, just not Elizabeth Warren.