Only 2% of donations to Maxine Waters came from her District….

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Since 2009 Maxine Waters has raised approx. $5.5 million in donations with almost all of it coming from donors living outside her district. She has only received $111 thousand from people in her district and that works out to about 2% of total donations. It is not surprising as Maxine Waters’ district is one of the poorest in the United States. Most I am sure do not have extra money to give to political campaigns. What is disappointing is that a good portion of donations she received came from donors in Washington DC. As long as she keeps them happy, who cares what happens to the people she is supposed to be representing.  


Most of Maxine’s money comes from Slate Mailers. If you do not know, a slate mailer is a publication that is mailed to voters that contains lists of candidates or ballot measures, along with recommendations and endorsements. Basically other candidates are paying Maxine for her recommendations. Of course what makes this really dodgy is that a good portion of the money is paid to her daughter, Karen Waters. But that has been well documented.


So who is giving Maxine money? A lot of politicians like to share the wealth with her. Over the years, Diane Feinstein gave her $52 thousand, Gavin Newsom the new governor of California gave her $97 thousand and Kamala Harris gave her $75 thousand. A number of corporations like to give to Maxine. PricewaterhouseCoopers gave her $27 thousand, Boeing gave her $25 thousand, State Farm gave her $23 thousand, Honeywell International gave her $19.5 thousand and Toyota Motors North America gave her $21 thousand.


This is the problem with the current campaign finance system. You have congresswomen who for 28 years has watched her district continue to decline. While she makes money off of dodgy slate mailers, receives money from her politician friends and interest groups who really do not care what happens to her district.