Planned Parenthood – See if they like or dislike the same candidates as you….

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In the last month, both the NRA and Planned Parenthood have spent $3 million to help and oppose various candidates. Odds are you do not like one of these PACs, but do they like your candidate? Look for our follow up article detailing who the NRA likes and does not like.


Planned Parenthood Likes – Planned Parenthood has spent close to $900 thousand in Minnesota in support of Angela Dawn Craig ($400 thousand), Dean Phillips ($320 thousand) and Tina Flint Smith ($162 thousand). They also spent $133 thousand in support for Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona. Other candidates receiving support from Planned Parenthood are Jacky Rosen in Nevada, Bill Nelson in Florida, Elissa Slotkin in Michigan and Ann Kirkpatrick in Arizona.   


Planned Parenthood Dislikes – Planned Parenthood really does not like Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania. They have spent $1 million opposing him.  Planned Parenthood also spent $255 thousand opposing Dean Heller of Nevada, $138 thousand opposing John Faso of New York, $134 thousand opposing Peter Roskam of Illinois and $129 thousand opposing Martha McSally of Arizona. Other candidates Planned Parenthood opposes are Rick Scott of Florida, Jason Mark Lewis of Minnesota, Erik Paulsen of Minnesota and Lea Marquez Peterson of Arizona.