Politicians spend a lot of your money enjoying what was America's favorite pastime....

Politicians spend a lot of your money enjoying what was America's favorite pastime....

$2 million dollars of campaign funds have been spent at the Washington Nationals stadium. If you have ever donated money, there is a chance you helped your candidate enjoy watching the Nationals play. We looked up the FEC rules around entertainment and found this “The campaign may not pay for admission to sporting events, concerts, theater and other forms of entertainment. Campaign funds may be used, however, if the entertainment is part of a specific officeholder or campaign activity. They may not be used for a leisure outing at which the discussion occasionally focuses on the campaign or official functions.

This reminded me of the Seinfeld episode when Elaine was the company president. George: I still don't understand how you can call lunch with me a business expense. Elaine: What do you think of the catalog? George: It stinks. Elaine: There, we just talked business.

I can just picture a candidate sitting with his or her buddy on the third-base line. “Hey, how is the campaign going?”. “Things are progressing nicely” Excellent. Now I can expense this…..

Now who likes baseball the most. Sherrod Brown of Ohio has spent $28 thousand on tickets and catering at the Nationals’ Stadium. Lamar Smith from Texas spent $26 thousand and on average expenses $2,000 each time. On average Sherrod Brown expenses $2,300 each time. People at the Republican National Committee also enjoy the games. They have gone 14 times and spent $17 thousand. Robin Kelly from Illinois and Jimmy Duncan from Tennessee both spent approx.. $14 thousand.

I personally really enjoy going to baseball games. Sitting in the stands on a Saturday afternoon is one of the best ways to pass the time. It is hard to view it as anything but a leisure outing.