Senate Democrats outspent Republicans by $22 million trying to defeat these candidates….

senate majority pac, senate leadership fund, Rick Scott, Robert Hugin, Joshua Hawley, Claire McCaskill, Philip Bredesen

The Senator Majority PAC (SMP) has spent $51 million in the last couple of weeks attacking Republican candidates. Its counterpart, the Senate Leadership Fund has only spent $29 million


The SMP spent $11 million in Florida trying to defeat Rick Scott, $7.6 million in New Jersey opposing Robert Hugin, another $7 million in Missouri opposing Joshua Hawley and $6.8 million in Nevada opposing Dean Heller. Other Republican candidates they are going after are Marsha Blackburn ($6.4 million) in Tennessee, Mike Braun ($5.4 million) in Indiana, Patrick Morrisey ($4.1 million) in West Virginia and Matt Rosendale ($1 million) in Montana.


On the other side, the Senate Leadership Fund spent $29 million attacking these Democrats. The Senate Leadership Fund spent $7.3 million attacking Claire McCaskill in Missouri, $6.7 million in Tennessee opposing Philip Bredesen, $6 million in Indiana opposing Joseph Donnelly and $5 million in Nevada attacking Jacky Rosen. Other Democrats on the list are Jon Tester ($2 million) in Montana, Joe Manchin ($1.1 million) in West Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp ($1 million) in North Dakota.