Senator Hirono violated campaign finance laws. No, she did not really but play along….

Senator Hirono, kavanaugh, ford supreme court

Hirono has recently come out and said that Brent Kavanaugh is guilty for a number of reasons, none of which include evidence. She has forgotten or maybe never knew that “innocent until proven guilty” is a basic legal right and without it the United States does not exist as we know it.


So what if guilty until proven innocent applied to her? We know that Hirono has spent $4,000 at Costco over the years. It is part of the FEC filings. However, we recently received a letter from someone who knows a person who works at Costco in Hawaii. This person overheard Hirono and her staff joking about the fact they do not have to pay for personal parties. Specifically, they said “Isn’t it great that other people give us money and we can do whatever we want with it? Hirono then laughed and told a staffer “go pick up some ripple I feel like getting smashed tonight.”


This is a clear violation of campaign finance laws and she should be investigated. Of course our source wishes to remain anonymous. However, that does not matter in the new world of guilty until proven innocent. Hirono needs to step up and prove to us that this did not happen. If she cannot prove that she did not misuse funds, then her only option is to resign as she is clearly guilty.


Of course, we do not know if Hirono has misused funds and she probably has not. However, you can see how easy it is to accuse someone of anything. That is why innocent until proven guilty is so fundamental to the success of our nation.  Who knows the next person assumed guilty without due process could be you. Remember the Salem Witch Trials? Three little girls settling grudges.


Please understand we are in no way attacking anyone who comes forward with a sexual assault claim. Everyone has the right to be heard and they should be heard. However, they also have the right to not have their claims turned into a 3-Ring Circus. Hirono and others have completely politicized something that we should all take very seriously regardless of party politics. The fact that Michael “Creepy Porn Lawyer” Avenatti is getting involved only proves that this stopped being about justice and is now just about him, Hirono and other grandstanding.


Just ask Stormy Daniels (who is still stripping) if Michael is really looking after her best interests….