In Smaller States the Amount of Money paid for each Vote is Ridiculous….

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In key smaller state elections, Democrats paid approx. 30% more for each vote they received. However, it is clear that both parties paid way too much for each vote. We all know that a lot of money was thrown around this election. However, when you break it down by the number of votes received you see how much the super-rich in other states are meddling in smaller states elections. 


Montana is a state that I bet most Americans cannot find on the map and have never visited. Jon Tester (D) recently won the Senate race there, but it cost him $115 dollars a vote for both positive ads and attack ads on Matt Rosendale (R). Matt spent even more money per vote in his losing attempt. He spent $129 dollars a vote. To put this into perspective, Bill Nelson (D) and Rick Scott (R) in Florida only spent a combined $26 dollars per vote for all of their votes. In Montana each vote cost almost 10x as much at $252 per vote.


Nevada is another state with a relatively smaller population, but a lot of money was spent in the Senate race. Jacky Rosen (D) paid $113 dollars per vote for her winning bid for the Senate. Dean Heller (R) only spend $74 per vote and he ended up losing. Jacky spent 53% more per vote but was only able to win by 11%. If Dean had been able to spend other $10 million on top of the $33 million he did spend, would he have won the election.


West Virginia per vote dollar amounts are also ridiculous. Joe Manchin (D) spent $102 dollars per vote to win the election. On the other side, Patrick Morrisey (R) spent $85 dollars per vote trying to take the Senate seat. Most of his money was spent attacking Joe.  


This is the problem with the current political system. In total $60 million was spent in Montana, $87 million was spent in Nevada and $52 million in West Virginia. Most of it coming from out of state. In the end, will Manchin, Tester, and Rosendale work for the people of their state or the people who got them their jobs….