Super Rich Entitled White guy (Tom Steyer) tells other Very Rich Entitled White Guys they cannot control the Country…..

tom steyer, rich guys, nextgen climate, mitt romney

What do you get when you combined a white guy born in 1957 and $1.6 billion dollars? A super-rich entitled white old man. Somebody should tell Tom Steyer to look in the mirror because he is that guy. However despite being that guy, he recently complained that “very rich entitled white men wanted to tell the rest of the Country we are going to have our way. And if you don’t like it, that is too darn bad.” He further states that people need to get to the polls and “tell those rich entitled white men that we exist and democracy exists”.


We totally agree that everyone should get informed and vote. However, I just find it funny that a super-rich person who has donated $213 million over the years can preach to the very rich about getting their way. Tom Steyer wanted to get his way so much that he started his own PAC. I guess he could not trust others to do it his way and so he cut out the middleman and started the Nextgen Climate Action Committee.  


NextGen Climate started out fighting for clean energy but has since moved into immigrants’ rights and affordable health care.  We think it is great that Tom is passionate about these issues and is using his money to try to improve the nation. However, there is only 1 person in Washington with more money than Tom Steyer. So stop trying to get everyone mad at those darned very rich entitled white men. Because not only are you one of them, you are worse. You were a hedge fund manager. You know who was also a hedge fund manager? Mitt Romney ahhhhhhh.