Tis the Season to Share your Donations / Trump and the DSCC are distributing the wealth….

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Over the last couple of months, $83 million dollars have been “Transferred” between different PACs. As we have mentioned before, once your donation is in the system it can pretty much end up anywhere.  The Trump Victory PAC gave the Republican National Committee (RNC) $10.5 million. The RNC turned around and gave $375 thousand to the Massachusetts Republican Party, $281 thousand to the Republican Party of Florida and $194 thousand to the Michigan Republican Party. All together the RNC redistributed $2.4 million.


Protect the House PAC gave the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) $3 million, which makes absolutely no sense to me as each are trying to keep the house Red. Protect the House also gave $488 thousand to the Great America Committee and $256 thousand to Kevin McCarthy for Congress.   


Keep the Senate Red 2018 is helping out McSally in Arizona (transferred $148K), Morrisey in West Virginia (transferred $120K),  Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee (transferred $132K) and Cindy Hyde-Smith in Mississippi (transferred $119K)


On the other side, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is sharing its donations with different state democratic parties. The California Democratic Party received $266 thousand, the Democratic Party of Illinois received $268 thousand, the Colorado Democratic Party received $183 thousand and the Ohio Democratic Party received $138 thousand.


The Democratic National Committee (DNC) also gave $100 thousand to the California Democratic Party and $275 thousand to the Colorado Democratic Party.  The Democratic parties in Maine, Oregon and Wisconsin each received about $60 thousand from the DNC.