Too early for 2020 Election? Think again. 4 Candidates started new Presidential PACs this month….

richard ojeda, Carol Hafner, Kemesha Thomas, Michelle Pampino, trump, president

One of the first things new candidates do is start a PAC. Because without a lot of money there is no way they are getting to Washington. Since the recent midterm elections, 4 candidates have started new Presidential PACs. None of them have yet to report in contributions, but there is plenty of time to ask for money.


Richard Ojeda started the Ojeda for President PAC. Richard recently lost a house race in West Virginia. Why do politicians think that losing a simple House election, means they can win the Presidency. Richard spent 24 years in the military and retired as a major. Ojeda was recently on MSNBC, so does that legitimize him? Do not think so.


Carol Hafner started the Carol Hafner for President PAC. Carol recently lost in the Democratic primary for the House in Alaska. However, she actually has never been in Alaska. The Phoenix Arizona PAC was started by candidate Kemesha Thomas. Kemesha is running as a Democrat but that is all the information we could find. Michelle Mary Pampino has started two PACs. The Michelle Pampino/Valenzuela PAC and the Pampino/Valenzuela PAC. We could not find any information on Pampino.


I am sure that there will be a lot more to follow in the coming months....