Trump continues to raise a lot of money despite not on being on the ballot this year….

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As everyone knows, this is not a Presidential Election year. However, that has not stopped President Trump from raising a lot of money. Since the beginning of 2017, Trump has raised $113 million. A good amount coming from the Trump Make America Great Again Committee to the Donald J Trump for President PAC. However, we focused on which states had the most “grass roots” donations. So instead of looking at the total amounts donated we focused on the number of donations from each state.


The highest number of donations relative to the state’s population were in Nevada (7,000 donations), Florida (44,000 donations) and Alaska (1,700 donations). Virginia (13,600 donations) and Arizona (12,300 donations) also had a good number of donations to Trump relative to the state population.  


The largest states in the Union obviously gave the most to Trump. 60 thousand donations came out of California. Yes, a lot of people in California gave money to Trump. Alyssa Milano was not one of them. 49 thousand donations came out of Texas and 23 thousand donations were made in New York. Despite the rhetoric, New Yorker can be conservative. 


The states/Territories with the fewest donations to Trump relative to their population are Guam, Puerto Rico, Vermont and Wisconsin. Trump raised $1.4 million in the District of Columbia however it was not spread out across a lot of donors.


If Trump can raise $113 million in a non-election cycle. Just think about how much money he will raise in the 2020 Election.