Two years and $2 billion dollars and what do we have to show for it….

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Over the last 2 years, campaigns have spent more than $2 billion dollars and what do we have to show for it. The Democrats won back the House and the Republicans strengthened their position in the Senate. This basically ensures that nothing will be accomplished in the next 2 years, except for a lot of grandstanding and of course more fund raising.


In the coming days we will be publishing a lot more detailed analysis on campaign spending and its effectiveness. However, we wanted to get some big picture numbers out so that you can be as angry as we are about the total waste of money. Let’s start with the biggest. Campaigns spent approx. $1.6 billion dollars on ads and media. That is not a mistake, not million, $1.6 billion. Payroll and Salaries are next at $444 million. These are not consultants, that is a different line item. This is campaign employee salaries and wages.


We lumped Mail / Postage and Print together. Campaigns spent $444 million annoying you and keeping the Post Office in business. Food and Beverages came in at around $84 million. That comes out to around $115 thousand a day. What is your daily food budget? Just $115 dollars a day is a pretty rich food budget, unless you have 8 kids or something.


Travel was almost as much as food at $82 million. On JetBlue you can travel from New York to San Francisco for about $300 if you book well in advance. $82 million will buy you 273 thousand round trips. That is a lot of flights. Finally, campaigns spent approx. $9 million on Yard Signs. That has to be the biggest waste of money. My neighbor ran for state office this cycle and there were literally 20 signs on our street.


We have not divided up the numbers between Democrat and Republican as they are both equally guilty. But do not worry about them, we just started a new cycle and they will be back for more….