Walmart is donating to the Republicans and Price Waterhouse is rooting for the Democrats....

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Walmart PAC For Responsible Government - Since the beginning of July, Walmart has donated almost 3 times more money to Republicans than to Democrats. The Walmart PAC has given approx.. $130 thousand to Republicans, compared to $55 thousand to Democrats. Republican Governors Association received $10,000, Schimel For Attorney General in Wisconsin received $8,000 and the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee received $6,000. On the other side, Walmart donated $5,000 to CHC Bold PAC. CHC stands for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. They also gave $5,000 to the Congressional Black Caucus.


Price Waterhouse Cooper PAC - Price Waterhouse Cooper PAC is the opposite, giving 3 times more money to Democrats. Since July, Price Waterhouse gave $211 thousand to the Democrats. Price Waterhouse donated $5,000 to Impact. The Impact PAC is affiliated with Chuck Schumer.  They gave $5,000 to Forward Together (Forward Together is a Democratic PAC) and $5,000 to Adam Smith in Washington. Price has only give $68 thousand to Republicans. More Conservatives PAC received $5,000,  Lead Encourage Elect received $5,000 and Rodney Davis in Illinois received $4,000.


General Motors PAC - General Motors also leans to the Democrat side. GM donated $115 thousand to the Democrats and $72 thousand to the Republicans. Newsom for California Governor received $20 thousand, Machin for West Virginia received $5,000 and Pac to the Future received $5,000. Pac to the Future is trying to turn the House Democrat. On the Republican side, GM gave $5,000 to David Rouzer in North Carolina, $4,000 to the New Pioneers PAC and $3,500 to Blaine Luetkemeyer in Missouri.


Our numbers are based on 2,100 Republican and Democratic PACs and Candidates.