What do Walmart and Goldman Sachs’ Employees have in common….

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After finding out that Google’s political donations are 96% to the Democrats, we have been looking at other high profile companies to get an idea of their political makeup. Interestingly we found that Goldman Sachs and Walmart have very similar donation profiles. Since 2015, 68% of Goldman’s employee donations went to the Democrats and 32% went to the Republicans. At Walmart, 69% of donations went to Democrats while 31% went to Republicans. To be honest, I thought that Goldman’s donations would have been more skewed to the Democrats and Walmart’s more skewed to Republicans, particularly in the Trump age.


Now it goes without saying that the actual amounts donated are significantly different. Goldman’s employees gave approx. $12 million since the beginning of 2015 while Walmart employees only gave approx. $1.1 million. However the fact that the percentages are so similar means that maybe we are all not that different. Both Walmart and Goldman are excellent companies but also very different companies. However, it would appear that the employees are actually rather similar, just the amounts donated are different.


So who are Goldman Sachs employees' favorites? Well they gave $1.2 million to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), $1.7 million to the Hillary, $575 thousand to Women Vote! and then funneled $683 thousand through ActBlue. On the Republican side, they gave $477 thousand to the National Republican Congressional Committee, $601 thousand to Right to Raise and then $188 thousand to Jeb Bush.


Walmart employees' favorites?  Walmart employees funneled $446 thousand to Democratic candidates through ActBlue, $74 thousand to Hillary, $45 thousand to Bernie Sanders and $26 thousand to the DNC.  On the other side, Walmart employees gave $48 thousand to Jeb Bush, $46 thousand to John Boozman in Arkansas, $38 thousand to Trump and $27 thousand to Ted Cruz.  


Not only are the ratios very similar, both groups gave to the same people….