Why is Paul Ryan still raising money? Team Ryan took in $700 thousand over the last month…..

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Over the last month, Team Ryan has taken in $700 thousand in donations. In fact, Team Ryan ranked 10th for the most money raised (reported) over the last month. One donor out of Texas gave him $100 thousand. You would think that she would give the money to Ted Cruz who really needs it. She could have just as easily given the money to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). Ryan has transferred almost $10 million to the NRCC this year.


Another donor out of California gave Ryan $50 thousand. This donor has already given $100 thousand the Republican National Committee this year, but nothing to the NRCC. Almost 300 donors gave on average $2,500 to Team Ryan over the last month. Did they not get the memo that he is not running?


This is the problem. Once the money is in the system, it can be easily (some limits apply) distributed. Ryan cannot use the funds as he is not seeking reelection, so he moves it around. For example, a Candidate Committee can give an unlimited amount to a State/District/Local Party Committee or to a National Party Committee, who can then turn around and give $33,900 to a single candidate PAC. A Candidate Committee can only give $2,700 to a single candidate PAC.


It takes a little work but the money gets to where it is needed the most.