$17 million on Yard Signs. Another great use of your donations....

Candidates and PACs have spent more than $16.6 million on Yard Signs over the last 9 years. Has anyone ever voted for a candidate because they saw a Yard Sign? I have a neighbor up the street with two yard signs. One of them is for Ben somebody. I see it and laugh as one of my other neighbors is named Ben. I think what office is he running for? However, I am looking forward to putting up a Yard Sign this year as I know it will totally upset my super conservative neighbors. That could be the only good reason for a yard sign.


President Trump by far spent the most on Yard Signs. He spent $673,000. However, that could be because liberals kept stealing Trump Signs. I remember hearing about a guy who electrified his sign so it would not get stolen.


We looked at the top 25 PACs /Candidates that spent the most on Yard Signs. 14 out of the 25 were Democrat. However, the 11 Republicans in the group spent $2.3 million, compared to $1.5 million spent by the Democrats. The top spenders on the Republican side were Trump ($673K), Ohio Republican Party ($404K), Republican Party of Florida ($229K) and Ron Johnson for Senate ($202K). On the Democrat side, David Scott for Congress ($179K) tops the list, followed by Kaine in Virginia ($172K), Pennsylvania Democratic Party ($144K) and Ohio Democratic Party ($134K).


Overall more than 2,000 candidates have spent money on Yard Signs for a grand total of $16.6 million. If you think this is a waste of money, then you are not thinking about all the Yard Sign jobs this is creating. Congressman Steve Cohen actually has a Yard Sign Crew that appears to make 40 dollars a sign.