2017 Federal Contributions exceeded $3.3bn, beating most S&P500 companies....

Only 73 companies in the S&P500 Index earned more than the total amount of federal political contributions in 2017 and it was not even an election year. In 2017 Federal contributions exceeded $3.3 billion dollars. Let’s put this into perspective.  Amazon sells over 480 million products on its website and only made $3bn in 2017. Starbucks claims to sell on average 8 million cups of coffee a day globally and its profit in 2017 was only $2.9bn. Costco had 90 million members in 2017 and only made $2.6bn. Approximately 1.9 billion Coca-Cola beverages are consumed daily and Coke’s 2017 profit was only $1.2bn.


Politicians and particularly PACs do not really provide a tangible product, they just ask for your money and we give it to them. Why bother even creating a product that everyone wants when you can just be a politician….    


Please take a look at the graphic below. All these company made less than total federal political contributions in 2017.