$221mln in legal fees since 2009 including Obama who paid $7.5mln

Since 2009, politicians have paid more than $221mln in legal fees and services. The lion share of this amount has gone to 6 law firms. Perkins Coie dominates the group with over $66mln recieved, followed by Jones Day at $11.7mln and Wiley Rein at $8.8mln. Let’s do the math on $86.5mln worth of billable hours. It would take 6 lawyers at $500 an hour working 14 hours a day every business day to get to $86.5mln in 9 years. Is there really that much legal work that need to be done? However, as fun as it is we are not here to hack on lawyers. They are simply filling the demand.


So on the other side, Hillary has paid her lawyers $6.3mln and Donald has paid his $7.5mln. Not a surprise, both have had different issues that require legal counsel. However, why did former President Obama need to spend $7.5mln in legal fees over the last 9 years? Did I miss something in the news? Also Al Franken paid his lawyers more than $2.3mln. What was going on with him that required that much legal advice. I would love to say that legal fees are a huge portion of political spending. However, over a 2-year period total expenditures for all politicians exceeded $6.7 billion. We will address that later….