American Chemical Council spent $900K supporting pretty conservative candidates....

In June, the American Chemical Council (ACC) flexed its muscle or more specifically spent its money on 4 different candidates. The ACC spent $900K on ads for Dean Heller (Nevada), Markwayne Mullin (Oklahoma), Roger Wicker (Mississippi) and Kevin Yoder (Kansas). The most was spent on Dean Heller. The ACC spent $348K on Heller, followed by Wicker at $269K, Mullin at $147K and Yoder at $134K. We watched some of the ads the ACC sponsored and here are key points. 1- Low taxes 2- Helping small businesses by cutting regulations 3- Traditional family values 4- Strengthening the military / helping veterans.


Now given the above key points the ACC sounds pretty conservative and currently they primarily support Republican candidates. All of the above four are Republicans. However, we did find that they also support Democrats who focus on job creation and have similar values. Kurt Schrader of Oregon is one of the Democrats the ACC has supported recently. The ACC represents a diverse set of companies in the business of chemistry and according to their webpage is committed to fostering progress in our economy, environment and society.      


We looked at the American Chemical Council’s PAC to see who is giving them money. There were no donations recorded in the FEC database to American Chemical Council Inc. The PAC however received money from BASF Corp Employees PAC, Honeywell International PAC, Lyondell Chemical Company PAC and DOW Chemical Company Employees PAC. Most of the donations were only $5,000.