Big Names giving big money to Protect the House PAC - Elon Musk is not the only one....

Republican Party with Tesla logo

Big names are throwing big money at the Protect the House PAC. Since the beginning of June, Protect the House PAC has taken in $6.3 million in donations. Protect the House PAC took in the most donations of any PAC since June. Houston Texans owner Robert McNair and his wife both donated $371 thousand to Protect the House.  Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, donated $100 thousand. Henry Paulson, former Secretary of the Treasury, donated $45 thousand and of course Elon Musk donated $38.9 thousand. Ross Perot’s son, Henry Ross Perot also gave $200 thousand. Bet that takes you back.


Aside from the more famous people, 4 other donors gave more than $300 thousand to Protect the House. 16 donors were between $100 and $300 thousand, 33 donors gave between $20 thousand and $100 thousand and 201 donors gave between $500 and $20,000. Two big corporate PACs also gave to Protect the House. Comcast Corp & NBCUniversal PAC donated $59 thousand and General Motors Company PAC donated $33 thousand.


The Protect the House PAC's simple goal is to maintain a Republican majority.