Bloomberg's $80 million to change the House is just a drop in the bucket....

Yesterday the New York Times reported that Michael Bloomberg would spend $80 million to flip the House from Republican to Democrat. We thought it would be interesting to look back and see where Mr. Bloomberg has made significant donations in the past. His biggest donations of $50 million is to his own PAC, Independence USA. He also gave $4 million to Women Vote!. Women Vote! promotes pro-choice democratic women candidates and is the independent expenditure arm of Emily's List.


Next he gave $3.1 million to Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund. Now before you jump to conclusions on Bloomberg’s gun stance, remember this PAC is against illegal guns not the 2nd Amendment.  Mayor Bloomberg was part of the controversial “Stop and Frisk” so I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he is for safe cities and not just anti-gun. He then gave a combined $5 million to the Senate and House Majority PACs, both promote Democratic candidates. Finally he gave $2 million to Planned Parenthood.


We looked into the Independence USA PAC and unfortunately there is not as much clarity as we would like. However, Independence USA did spend $13 million on Media for Nonfederal campaigns. Our State-level donations database is not operational yet and so cannot provide more details now. Interestingly, Independence USA spent $5 million on Polling. Don't we already have enough pollsters?    


Now Mr. Bloomberg’s announcement that he will spend $80 million on the House makes for great headlines. As pretty much no one has $80 million and even fewer have $80 million they can just give away. However since the beginning 2017, Americans have donated close to $5 billion to PAC and campaigns. So $80 million is a lot but not really when compared to total numbers.