Campaigns prefer alcohol to pizza at a 3 to 1 ratio....

At a 3 to 1 ratio, campaigns prefer alcohol to pizza. Since last September campaigns have spent $133K on pizza and $400K at Bars, Pubs and Wine establishments. We went through all the expenditures since last September and screened for pizza joints and places with either “Bar”, “Pub” or “Wine” in the name. While I am sure that not all the $400K was spent on alcohol, you do not put “Bar” in your restaurant’s name because you want to attract more kids. The $132K for pizza was spread across 133 different occasions. That works out to about 3 times a week. However, campaigns went to bars, pubs and wine establishments 222 times since last September. That works out to pretty much every day of the week.


Once thing is very clear, both Democrats and Republicans really like We, the Pizza. Since last September, campaigns have spent more than $46K and have eaten there almost 150 times. Pizza Hut is a not close second at only $7.6K at 19 times. Domino’s Pizza is third at $5.4K and only 10 occasions.


Now if you are headed to Washington D.C. and want to see politicians in their natural habitat, here are some of their favorite places that serve alcohol. Scarlet Oak Restaurant & Bar was the most popular. Campaigns visited that establishment 18 times since last September, but they only spent $4K. Nopa Kitchen & Bar was next at 13 times but they did spend a lot more. Nopa Kitchen took in $11K from the different campaigns. Now some may be reading this and think these are just restaurants and that campaigns are not really going to bars all the time. Well then please explain 2  of the biggest expenses. Campaigns spent $20K at Total Wine & More and $31K at District Winery. Other popular places are Hank’s Oyster Bar, Union Pub and DBGB Kitchen & Bar.


Now if you really want to eat/drink near your favorite politician, then figure out a way to get into the Capital Hill Club. Campaigns expensed $942K over 1,141 visits since September. That works out to about 5 visits a day. However, I think that the Capital Hill Club would refuse my application on the ground that they know I would eventually be kicked out…..