Check out where ActBlue donations are going....

Over the last 3 months, ActBlue distributed $31 million to various candidates and PACs. If you are not familiar with ActBlue, it acts as a middle man by taking credit card donations and then redistributing the funds to the different candidates. The problem is that ActBlue creates a layer between the PACs / candidates and actual donors, making it very difficult to know where the money is coming from and where it is going.


Since April, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee received $2.2 million from ActBlue, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee received $1.2 million and the Duty to Country PAC received $575 thousand. If we look at individual candidates, Angus King in Maine took in $627 thousand, Jacky Rosen in Nevada took in $622 thousand, Kirsten Gillibrand in New York took in $519 thousand and Cathy Myers in Wisconsin took in $459 thousand. All from ActBlue  


Some of the PACs that received money from ActBlue in the last 3 months were Progressive Turnout Project ($221 thousand), Swing Left ($215 thousand), End Citizens United ($191 thousand) and Giffords PAC ($176 thousand). The first two PACs are pretty self-explanatory. However, End Citizens United is for reforming the campaign finance system and more transparency. This is kind of ironic given they just received $191 thousand from ActBlue and we cannot easily trace the money back to the original donors. That does not sound like transparency…. The Giffords PAC is against gun violence.