Democrats pay a lot better than Republicans. Together they spent $95 million on salaries/wages....

Democrats pay a lot better than Republicans. Well at least the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) pay better. All political campaigns have spent approx. $95 million since January on salaries and wages. At the top of the list is the Republican National Committee (RNC) at $5.8 million, however the RNC made 2,508 payments for an average of $2,330 per payment. The DCCC paid out almost as much at $5.5 million, but they only made 1,124 payments for an average of $4,927. The DCCC median payment is $3,354. The average is skewed upward because the DCCC paid Automatic Data Processing $1.4 million over 17 payments and listed it as Payroll. A couple of people are making over $11 thousand a month at the DCCC. We of course will not share their names.


American Bridge 21st Century paid the most aside from the major party PACs (RNC, DNC et….) American Bridge also paid a sizable sum to Automatic Data Processing. While we suspect there is potentially double counting, we cannot see any indication of that in the FEC database.  American Bridge paid its employees $2.4 million. Emily’s List is right behind them also paying out $2.4 million. Emily’s List employs 123 people and paid them an average of $2,255 a month.


Interestingly almost all of the top paying PACs are on the democrat side. Nextgen Climate Action, ActBlue,, Progressive Turnout Project, End Citizens United and of course Emily’s List and American Bridge 21st are all progressive PACs. All paid more than $500 thousand to employees this year. The Massachusetts Republican Party is one of the few on the Republican side to top the list. The Massachusetts Republican Party paid an average of $2,694 per payment.


At the individual level, The People’s House paid someone $105 thousand this year, another person received $90 thousand from the Senate Majority PAC (democrat) and Emily’s List paid someone $88 thousand this year. While the top 4 highest paid employees are Democrats, 5 out of the top 10 are Republicans.