Know your Neighbor - St. George, Utah not as Republican as you would think....

Know your NeighborSt. George, Utah. St. George is on the border of Arizona and Utah. It’s population is 70% Mormon and given that Gallup has Utah as the reddest state in the Union. It would only make sense that St. George is as red as red can be. However, that is not really the case. While the total dollar amount donated does favor the Republicans, the number of donations is significantly greater on the Democrat side.


Since 2015, Republicans have received more than $450 thousand. However the Democrats are not far behind taking in approx.. $320 thousand. There are only 82 thousand people living in St. George so you cannot really expect big numbers. However if we look at the number of donations, the Democrats have the Republicans beat hands down. ACTBlue took in 9,500 different donations earmarked for democratic candidates. More than 10% of the population of St. George gave some money to a democrat. Hillary received 703 donations for a total of $30K and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) received 680 donations for a total of $15K. Each person is not donating a lot, but they are donating to Democrats.


Donald Trump received 557 donations for a total of $68 thousand and the Republican National Committee (RNC) took in 557 donations also for a total of $68 thousand. Bernie even received 334 donations for a total of $18 thousand.


However, what should really scare the god-fearing Republicans in St. George is that Elizabeth Warren received 33 donations, Nancy Pelosi received 26 donation, Chuck Schumer received 4 and even Maxine Waters received 1 donation from someone in St. George. So next time you are in church in St. George, look around. Someone sitting next to you might be a lot farther left that you ever could imagine….