Matt Rosendale in Montana has Trump's support, but what he needs is more money....

Matt Rosendale may have the support of President Trump, but he does not have the money. Rosendale recently won the Montana GOP Senate primary and is set to take on Jon Tester in the November election. Rosendale claims to have the support of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee. Maybe he should try and get Paul Ryan’s support, because that guy is just handing out the money. This year Rosendale has raised $651K, compared to $6 million raised by democratic Senator Tester. Rosendale is going to need a lot more than supportive words if he thinks he can beat Tester in the fall.


Both candidates are benefiting from donors outside of “Big Sky Country”. Maybe that can be a new rule. If you do not know the State’s nickname you cannot donate to a candidate in that state. 17% of Rosendale’s donation have come from Washington DC, primarily from the Club for Growth PAC. Another 15% of donations came from Virginia, most of it from the Senate Conservatives Fund. Only 12% of donations came from Montana and almost half of that was from Matt himself. 10% of his money also came from Florida spread across a number of different donors.


Tester percentage breakdown is very similar. 21% of donation came from Massachusetts (ACTBLUE), 14% from Washington DC and 11% from California. Tester also pick up 19% or $1.2 million in donations from Montanans. While the percentages are similar the actual amounts in some cases are 10x as much. This year Tester got $1.3 million from ACTBlue, $848K from Washington and $648K from California. In total, Rosendale has only raised $651K.


So supportive words from Cruz, Rand Paul and others is nice and makes you feel good, but money is needed to win elections.