Nancy Pelosi spent $35K on Chocolate and $45K on Flowers, no wonder $1K is crumbs to her....

It is easy to see why Nancy Pelosi thinks that a $1,000 bonus is just crumbs. Over the years, her campaign (it is not her money) has spent $35,000 at See’s Candies and $45,000 at various flower shops. Her favorite is Toulies En Fleur in D.C.. In fact, the $1,000 bonus would not even cover 1 trip to See’s Candies. Over the years, her campaign has visited See’s 29 times for an average spend of $1,200 each time. That is a lot of chocolate. It is actually 130,000 calories each visit. Doesn’t Nancy know that America has an obesity problem. However, more than chocolate Nancy loves flowers. Her campaign has literally spent $45,000 on flowers. It works out to an average cost of approx.. $400 a visit. Now I love my wife and have done plenty that require me to give her flowers, but I have never spent $400 in one go. Maybe I don’t love my wife enough.


Now another thing that surprised us is that Nancy’s campaign really likes the W Hotel. She has spent $54,000 over 35 visits. That is $1,500 a visit. I have stayed at the W a couple of times and hated it. Don’t get me wrong it is a very nice hotel, but it looks and sounds like a night club. Loud music and night-club lighting in the lobby was not something I needed after a hard day of traveling/working. Of course, I am not a politician so I was actually working. I do not know Nancy Pelosi, but cannot picture her at the W. The W is Marriott’s luxury brand. What is wrong with just staying at the Marriott?


The last issue with her spending is not exclusive to the Nancy’s campaign. From what we see, almost every candidate in some form redistributes campaign funds. Over the years, Nancy has donated over $2 million of her funds to 386 different campaigns. That is almost 10% of her total spend. We do not like this for the simple reason that people gave money to Nancy and not the other candidates. Nancy donated $560,000 to the Americans United for Change, $34,000 to San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee and $20,000 to the Emily Cain Victory Fund. There is nothing wrong giving money to these organizations, but shouldn’t the actual donor decide? Nancy also gave $18,000 to Bill Owens for Congress. What if I really like Nancy but hate Bill Owens? Why should she be able to give my money away without consulting me. Again this is not just Nancy, it seems like every campaign likes to share the wealth.