NRA prefers Negative to Positive ads, at least they did in the Virginia Election....

You may love the NRA or you may hate the NRA. Very few people now days are indifferent on the NRA. However, you have to admire the fact that when they decide to participate in an election they go all out. We researched where the NRA was spending it money over the last year and initially were pretty confused. The top three “beneficiary committee names” were all Democrat and all running in the same State. Northam For Governor, Virginians for Mark Herring and Friends of Justin Fairfax. We thought that maybe they were moderate democrats and possibly pro-gun. We then saw that the next three benefactors were also running in Virginia and were all Republicans. Ed Gillespie for Governor, Vogal for Virginia and John Adams for Virginia.


We searched and found the ads the NRA ran on Northam and that cleared everything up. Apparently even if the ads are negative, the FEC still lists Northam for Governor as the beneficiary. The NRA spent approx.. $1.4 million on negative publicity against Northam.  In one of the ads, Ralph Northam states, “I have an NRA grade of D minus and am proud.” In actuality, the NRA gave Northam an F. If you were a politician, what would be your grade? Mine is clearly somewhere between an A and an F.  Mark Herring also receives an F and the NRA spent $763 thousand on (against) him. Justin Fairfax apparently wants to increase your insurance premiums if you own a gun. That is not freedom and the NRA spent $200 thousand so you would know that.


What we found that was really interesting is that the NRA spent $2.5 million on negative ads in Virginia, but only spent $500 thousand on positive ads for the Republicans in the same race. Fear of losing your guns is more motivating? For good or bad, the NRA was not successful in swaying voter in Virginia. Aside from the Virginia election, the NRA only spent $474 thousand on other candidates. Ted Cruz gets an A+ NRA grade and he only received $5K from them in the last year. Please note that these expenses came from the National Rifle Association of America Political Victory Fund.