Outlandish Statements do not win Elections, but they are fun to read....

Shiva Ayyadurai made news the other day when he announced that "Well, I think only a real Indian can defeat a fake Indian". Now statements like that make for great news, however Shiva will need a lot more than catchy phrases to defeat Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts. Even if she is not really a Native American, he still has a tough battle ahead. While, Shiva has basically self-funded his entire campaign, his spending habits are a lot more interesting. Shiva has spent $1.8 million on a Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voter Acquisition Module, $1.3 million on a Precision Analytics Dashboard and $380 thousand on a Deep Learning Engine.


In the FEC filings, Shiva Ayyadurai is listed as the recipient of the above expenses. Now if he was not self-funding his campaign it might seem pretty dodgy that he paid himself $3.5 million to build tools you can buy off the shelf. Of course, he has multiple degrees from MIT so maybe he is building a better mousetrap. We do however applaud his attempt to use technology to help win the election. I am pretty sure that most politicians need help turning on their computer. If you have ever helped your grandmother with IT support, you know exactly what I am talking about. 


While Republicans will never grow tired of calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas, we think that concentrating on the AI side and not name calling will increase Shiva’s chances of winning.