Politicians waste way too much on printing. Definitely not Green....

Beware of candidates claiming they are Green, because most likely they are not. Over the last 6 months, political candidates have spent more than $15 million on printing. That equates to about 170 acres of trees. But that is not all, trees do not magically transform into paper. It takes a lot of water, about 20 million gallons and a lot of oil, about 49 thousand barrels. Also do not forget all the electricity needed. Now I am not really Green, but if I was Green destroying forests and wasting water would be at the top of my things I do not like list. What is the logic? Do they justify it by believing that once they are elected, then they can help the environment? Or is it simply a case of "do as I say and not as I do". Either way it is another way of wasting resources for pretty much nothing.


The money was not used for new text books for school that desperately need them. It was used for signs that say “Vote for Me!!” and pamphlets that are thrown away almost immediately. CNN recently reported on the dismal situation in Oklahoma where kids are told to ask the librarian about “this new thing called the Internet” and explain how to use microfiche. Microfiche was old when I was in Elementary school.


The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee is the worst offender at $959K in the last 6 months. Kathaleen Wall for Congress was next at $932K. They were followed by the National Republican Senate and Congressional Campaigns at $819K and $746K. Emily’s List ($368K)and Nextgen Climate Action Committee ($292K) were also both at the top of the list. So it is clearly not just the Republican or Democrat thing. Both parties love to print paper….