Republicans a lot more fun than Democrats

Right now the Republicans are having a lot more fun than the Democrats. The RNC has spent almost $1.4 million on its American Express this year. Almost half a million of that was spent at the Hilton Hotels and at the Four Seasons. In the middle of March, they dropped 65K at Wolfgang Puck in Los Angeles. In contrast, the DNC spent 3K at Rocklands Barbeque & Grill and instead of staying at the Four Season, the DNC is staying at the Embassy Suites. I have stayed at both hotels and I would have to say the Four Seasons is a little nicer. The RNC also spent 222K at the Mar-A-Lago Club. Doesn’t President Trump own Mar-A-Lago? Did they get a discount? However, the DNC did spent almost $3,000 at Starbucks this year. That is a lot of coffee. The RNC did not expense anything from Starbucks. Do Republicans not like coffee….