Robo-Calls are the Worst!!! So why do Campaigns still use them....

I think that we can all agree that ROBO-Calls are the worst. It may be one of the only things we as a nation can agree upon right now. I hate them so much that if you are not one of my contacts, I will not answer the phone. Everyone knows that feeling of answering the phone and hearing a short silence right before the Robot starts talking. ROBO-Calls have ruined communication by telephone, people have just stopped answering unknown numbers. The FTC received 375 thousand complaints a month in 2017. That is 12,500 a day.   


Despite the fact that ROBO-Calls are so completely annoying, a lot of campaigns use them. Since 2009, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spent $564 thousand on ROBO-Calls, the Democratic Executive Committee of Florida spent $323 thousand and Bennet for Colorado spent $281 thousand on ROBO-Calls. We looked up pricing and a 30 second call will cost approx. 1.5 cents. So Mike Bennet has bothered about 18 million people. That is an accomplishment. The Republicans also think that ROBO-Calls are not that bad. The Republican National Committee spent $249 thousand, Perdue for Senate spent $204 thousand and the Madison Project spent $166 thousand on ROBO-Calls since 2009.


All campaigns have paid a total of $10 million on ROBO-Calls since 2009. Think about that, you are giving them money so politicians can used it to annoy you.